About Us

As the name clearly portrays, expatalive.com is a gateway for expressions, gestures and the clear voices of and for expatriates who are alienated from their motherland for survival prospects. Founded in December 2018 by tender yet ethically strong young brains who hail from the birthplace of India’s former and foremost Dalit President of India, the portal promises to be a knowledge hub where readers take the privilege of reading out of the box and factual thoughts aiming at fighting hate and engaging societies and communities to promote love, freedom and unity.
When we heed to the fact that the mainstream media has been betraying and harassing its viewers and yet we shed our eyes to its own deep-rooted race/ caste/gender character and class interests, expatalive is bold to take a step forward in representing and building conscious readership to empower the downtrodden and taken for granted so called minorities.
Prominent writers, activists, and representatives from various walks of life are willing to spend their ink on jotting down their heartfelt thoughts in expatalive.com. Firmly committed to the secular and democratic values, through news, views, analyses and interactivity, expatalive provides readers with an authentic and a composite unbiased picture of the world around them. expatalive is aiming at building the bridge of understanding, collaboration and inclusiveness.
Expatalive is also open to amateur writers and is aiming at promoting citizen journalism. We ought to speak for the community and the best person to do so is one from the community itself. We attempt to set up a world class institution of its own kind. For that, we are supported by a highly unbiased, sensitive and futuristic editorial team. This set-up will be a proud and historically important event for all and we keep our hopes high as long as our readers trusts yours truly.